About Synassault.Com

The Synassault site was built upon a previous website from Deakin University called the Stupot project. The term Synassault came from an attack tool called Synassault that performed syn flood attacks.

The Stupot project was first established in January of 2009 and it was my first lab to study denial of service attack in their native environment and allow the collection of datasets for research.

The Synassault site is now a progression of the Stupot project that allows me to further this study, place datasets and my new research papers as I go along. I will add as much reference material for researchers and future researchers as time permits me.

My hope that academics and researchers can use this site to help them in their academic and research endeavors.

About Dr Ashley Chonka PhD

Dr Ashley Chonka PhD
Dr Ashley Chonka is currently a member of Prof. Abawajy Parallel and Distributed Computing Lab at Deakin University. Dr Chonka finished his PhD in May 2010 on Protecting Web Services from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.He has published in many IEEE conferences and Journals and is currently a member of the IEEE Computer Society for 7 years. His current area of research is in the area of DDoS attacks, especially in the area of HX-DoS attacks on Cloud Systems.